losing baggage to reach self love

imagefor me, self love belonged up there with all the cheesy stuff of this world. it was something only people do who walk barefoot and travel to india looking for themselves amongst the incense wearing hemp yoga pants. please don’t get me wrong, i really like cheese so no discrimination against cheese. but i knew how to love everybody else. understood what caring for my “neighbor” meant and how to fan the passions of others. however, there was little personal growth. my own garden was unkept and choking with weeds. why? FEAR and guilt.

fear keeps one average and bland, chokes creativity and is the thief of dare…oh that spice of life. but fear of what? losing people i love if i say or do something they do not approve of (they left anyway), of loneliness (i was lonely anyway waiting for my spouse to come home),  not being a good christian (all those sweaty screaming preachers belting out love for others sermons. i still suffer from yelling-preachers-with-big diamond-rings syndrome). not trusting myself enough to honor my own passions;  fear of mistakes and  comparing myself with others. not grasping that we are all at different stages of the journey. self-loathing; what a waste of time because everywhere i went, there i was. those i so fervently loved have built and nurtured their own lives. how smart. but wait, there is a still small voice i spent a life-time ignoring. step number one to self love:

forgive myself. one big, heavy back-breaking bag less on this journey.

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2 Responses to losing baggage to reach self love

  1. Jan says:

    .. so ture ! my favourite: …”what a waste of time because everywhere i went, there i was…””
    I always told you, self-love should be the greatest love of all, still working on it myself!

    • i guess it’s an ever evolving thing but i am so very grateful to you for helping me to see myself as if in a mirror. there’s still a lot of work to be done but i am enjoying being on this little boat, hanging on for dear life as the waves rock me to and fro but i shall not capsize. life is so beautiful and i have just started out.

      i am always in deep gratitude and in an overdose of love indebted to you. thank you. once my posts are a bit more professional and i have worked out better photography i shall go world-wide. lol.

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